Natsuko & Yutaka New Orleans Jazz Workshop



Natsuko Furukawa (piano & vo) and Yutaka Umitsuki (saxophone) - who are active in the front line in the New Orleans Jazz / Swing dance scenes in Japan and other countries- will be coming to Singapore first time and conduct a workshop.

They keep on touring to New Orleans over 30 years and having deep knowledge/sense of New Orleans sounds through playing with local top musicians, they will lecture what is the difference between straight ahead and New Orleans Jazz, and what is “swing”, which is the most important to play these music. It will be an interactive but casual style workshop with demonstrating actual songs and Q&A sessions.

Not only pianist / saxophonist but also any other instrument players may get some tips from this workshop. Even if you are not musician, this workshop might change your picture of listening to music!?

This is only day that they conduct a workshop during their tour to Singapore. Limited seats are available. Don’t miss it!

You can have food and drink at the venue – Artistry, well known for good foods and atmosphere.


Natsuko & Yutaka New Orleans Jazz Workshop

Date:15th June(Thu)


Venue:Artistry 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149

[Limit to 35 seats]

Charge:Standard $20 Students $15 Event Day $25

*Children who don't require a seat are free

Host Musicians:

Natsuko Furukawa(keyboard & Vo)

Yutaka Umitsuki(alto saxophone

Eriko Murakami(trombone)

Arthur Wiyono(bass)

Yohei Kanda(drums)



Natsuko Furukawa (band leader, piano and vocals, Tokyo)

Natsuko Furukawa is one of the top jazz musicians as pianist and vocalist in Japan. At the age of 5, she started to play piano and while she was in Waseda University, she begun music activities based on traditional jazz. Since 1987 she goes on tour to New Orleans every year and refines her skills of jazz entertainment. She is active in a plenty of jazz spots, jazz events, and also appears in TV and Radio. As well as being pianist and vocalist, she is well known as a great band leader to bring out maximum capability of musicians who play along with.

Her play style is based on New Orleans style, mixture of traditional jazz, ragtime, boogie, and gospel. She values a feeling of swing driven by dance and steps. She played with top musicians in New Orleans, who are actually inheriting Traditional Jazz, such as Rebirth Brass Band, Original Tuxedo Jazz Band, Leroy Jones(tp) , Kermit Ruffins (tp) Michael White(cl) John Boutte(vo) Topsy Chapman and Solid Harmony(vo), etc.

Beside New Orleans Jazz, she has a great involvement in swing dance scene. She plays for Tokyo Swing Dance Society, also was invited for the dance event organized by one of the top Lindy Hopper in the world, Ryan & Jenny. Her activities are highly praised both in Japan and abroad. She is the honorary citizen of Kansas City, USA, and honorary member of Musicians Association.

Yutaka Umitsuki (saxophone, Tokyo)

Yutaka Umitsuki is multi lead player, a master of tenor/Alto/Soprano saxophone and clarinet. He started to play saxophone while he was in high school and refined the skills through performances at several live houses.

He joined a lot of jazz units, including one of the top big band in Japan “T.Miyama & his Newherd”. He was also invited to play for Japanese Rock Star, Eikichi Yazawa’s 40th years anniversary live.

He goes on tour to New Orleans with Natsuko Furukawa every year. In Japan, he delivers New Orleans and Swing sounds at the Natsuko and his jazz band called “Soul Food Café”. He appears in Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival, one of the biggest traditional jazz festival in Japan, every year since 2003.

As well as Natsuko Furukawa, he is active in swing dance scene. He is commended as honorary citizen of Kansas City, USA and honorary member of Musicians Association.

日本を中心にニューオリンズ/スウィングダンスシーンの第一線で活躍し続けている古川奈都子(piano & Vo)&海付豊(saxophone)が初来星し、ワークショップを行います。





古川奈都子&海付豊 ニューオリンズジャズワークショップ



場所:Artistry 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149


料金:前売り$20 学生$15 当日$25



古川奈都子(keyboard & Vo)

海付豊(alto saxophone)


Arthur Wiyono(bass)




古川奈都子 (band leader, piano and vocals, Tokyo)



ニューオリンズではRebirth Brass BandOriginal Tuxedo Jazz Band , Leroy Jones(tp) , Kermit Ruffins (tp) Michael White(cl) John Boutte(vo) Topsy Chapman and Solid Harmonyvo) などトラディショナルジャズを継承するミュージシャンたちと毎年共演を重ねている。

ニューオリンズジャズの他、スウィングダンスシーンとの関りも深く、東京スウィング・ダンス・ソサエティや、世界的なトップリンディーホッパーRyan & Jenny主催のダンスイベントでの演奏など、国内外で数多くの活動を行っている。米国カンサスシティー名誉市民、音楽家協会名誉会員。

海付豊 (saxophone, Tokyo)



古川奈都子とともにニューオリンズ遠征を続け、ジャズバンド「Soul Food Cafe」でスウィング、ニューオリンズのサウンドを演奏。日本で最大規模のトラディッショナルジャズフェスティバル「新宿トラッドジャズフェスティバル」に2003年以降、毎年出演している。


Thu Jun 15, 2017
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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Venue Address
17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149 Singapore
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